Note: if you are interested in any of my publications but you don’t have access through a library, please get in touch with me and I will send it to you. Please don’t feel like you should pay to read my work, I’m more than happy to share it with you. You can also read the pre-print versions, which I link here when available. 

Refereed Journal Articles

Ferrari, E. (2022). Visual focus groups: Stimulating reflexive conversations with collective drawing. New Media & Society. [open access]

Ferrari, E. (2022). Latency and crisis: Mutual aid activism in the Covid-19 pandemic. Qualitative Sociology. [open access]

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Ferrari, E. (2016). Social media for the 99%? Rethinking social movements’ identity and strategy in the corporate web 2.0. Communication and the Public. Pdf.


Book chapters

Ferrari, E. and Remensperger, J. (2019). “’When under surveillance, always put on a good show’: Representations of surveillance in the United States underground press, 1968-1972″. In Making Surveillance Societies: Transnational Histories, ed. Rob Heynen and Emily van der Meulen. University of Toronto Press.

Encyclopedia Entries

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Web-Based Publications

The Hungarian internet tax protests: freedom, modernity and the political power of technology. Internet Policy Observatory. 2018

Italy issues a declaration of internet rights – now let’s improve it. CGCS Media Wire. 2015